Storm Cranes AS is Norwegian company located at Langoya, Averoy -which is situated at the west coast of Norway. The location is between the cities of Kristiansund (35 min) and Molde (55 min).

Additionally, the famous Atlantic Road is only 15 min drive away.


At our main location in Norway (Reksundveien 119) we have;

  • One production building with two dedicated and separated areas for assembly. Both areas are equipped transverse cranes
  • One dedicated building for machining and water-cutting. This building is also equipped with a transverse crane
  • One smaller building with dedicated ares for welding, smaller machining operations, and specialized work operations
  • One building for acid bath of stainless steel. This building can also be used for surface treatment and painting
  • One smaller warehouse were we keep spare parts for all our products
  • One dedicated area for electrical engineering and testing of equipment
  • One building with offices, meeting rooms, kitchen and dining room


130m dock with sufficient depth to accommodate most larger vessels, including fishing-, aquaculture-, offshore-, freight carriers, etc..

The dock is located alongside our facilities which is very convenient for all kind of services, including repair, maintenance and troubleshooting. Additionally, vessels can come to our dock for installation of our equipment.


William Storvik is the CEO and the major owner of the company. His ambition is to build up a local company, with local shareholders and with key personnel owning shares in the holding company Storm Marine AS.


Storm Cranes AS is owned 75% by Storm Marine AS and 25% by Stranda Prolog AS. Stranda Prolog (www.stranda.net) is a company with more than 60 years of history and is today the leading suppliers in the world for production and process facilities for the fishing industry. Stranda also makes the Manta net washing Robot for inspection and cleaning of the fish farm nets.


Is to be the leading company for all types of overboard handling systems. Additionally, we want to lead the development towards electric drives and SMART control systems.


We will be #1 in service and customer support! This is why we have all disciplines, facilities, services and spare parts in-house. And a dedicated team of highly skilled service people ready to assist our customers 24/7. Our service people also work in our production so that you can be sure that you get an experienced person to assist you every time we go on board your vessel.


Flematec Industriservice AS (www.flematec.no) is our production partner. Flematec has more than 20 years of experience with production and service.




If you have any questions  don't hesitate to contact us

Reksundveien 119, 6533 Averoy, Norway

+47 916 26 551